One agent to rule them all

March 14, 2024

Today we launch OpenAgents, the world's first AI agent swarm capable of recursive daily improvement through crowdsourcing and bitcoin incentives.

It begins with a simple chatbox on our homepage:

OpenAgents Chat

Behind that chatbox sits an upgradeable 'meta-agent' that will route your request to the best agent or function for the task.

Right now OpenAgents is only good at three things: 1) general conversation, 2) introducing you to OpenAgents, and 3) answering questions about stock and bitcoin prices.

Starting now, agent builders can earn bitcoin revenue by contributing upgrades to the agent swarm.

Anytime a user pays an agent for a task that uses your upgrade, you get a piece of that revenue added immediately to your account, which you can withdraw anytime via bitcoin.

We are now allocating 1 BTC to a bounty prize pool for developers who build our first plugins. We hope to distribute ₿1M to 100 individual developers as soon as possible.

See our developer documentation for details.

How we got here

Our effort began four months ago by taking aim at the
OpenAI "GPT store", which we predicted correctly would have only half-baked or non-existent monetization, preventing
developers from generating any real income.

We saw an opportunity to build a truly open alternative.

As chronicled in 80+ dev-log videos, we've made a few key

  1. We learned how to build agents from reusable building blocks that can be 1) contributed by developers in any of 8 programming languages, 2) monetized with long-term bitcoin revenue streams, and 3) composed into larger agents, even by non-developers
  2. We equipped our agents with the ability to hold bitcoin balances and pay for services using the Lightning Network and
    the L402 protocol.
  3. Recently we've discovered a user experience we think more appropriate than hundreds of individual mini-agents: one
    single "meta-agent" that is infinitely extensible and upgradeable, with contributors to its many nodes earning
    residual revenue-sharing.

How you can help

We've built the tech, now we need your help to build the market.

We want to know what agent functionality you'd like to use (and pay for!).

Please chat with OpenAgents now and tell us what you'd like AI agents to help you with.

We'll match that demand - and our bounties - with developers who'll help us build OpenAgents as...