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Developer documentation

OpenAgents.com is a platform for building and commercializing AI agents using shared databases of skills and knowledge.

It is under active development. All code is open source under AGPL3 here.


  • The primary chat interface at OpenAgents.com allows users to interact with a variety of basic chat models and soon our meta-agent called "OpenAgents", which is composed of multiple Agents.

  • Agents are built from interchangeable building blocks called Nodes which are organized into sequences called Flows.

  • Example Nodes include: API endpoints, conditional logic, data parsing, and third-party integrations.

  • Nodes can be created by community developers by uploading WASM plugins.

  • Plugins are a special type of Node that allows for bespoke operations and enhanced capabilities.

  • Each Node may have an associated fee, payable to its creator upon use.

  • Nodes can reference an agent's Files.

  • Users converse with Agents in conversations that are Threads of Messages.

  • A Run is an instance of executing a Flow.


  • Agent - An AI entity executing defined tasks
  • Thread - A message chain between user and agent
  • Message - A single communication in a thread
  • File - Document processed or created by agents
  • Run - The active execution of an agent flow
  • Flow - A sequence of nodes
  • Node - An individual task within a flow
  • Plugin - A WebAssembly binary extending agent functionality

Getting paid for agent upgrades

Payouts are Bitcoin only, paid via the Lightning network.

For now this process is semi-manual.

  1. Write an Extism plugin using one of their eight plugin development kits. It must expose one function called 'run' that takes a single string parameter and returns a single string. (Use JSON stringification as needed for larger objects.)
  2. Upload the code to a GitHub repo.
  3. Send us a DM us on X (@OpenAgentsInc) with 1) a public-facing name and description for the plugin, 2) the link to the GitHub repo and 3) your Lightning address

The first 100 developers to submit a plugin we add to OpenAgents will receive ₿1M each (~$600 USD as of 4/17).

You can see previously submitted plugins here.

API overview

We will soon release a developer API.

You can watch a video introducing it here:

To get early access, DM us on X (@OpenAgentsInc) with how you'd like to use the API. We'll start sending invites in late March.